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William Lomis Cox Memorial Fund Scholarship 2020

This grant round has now closed. Submissions closed at 5:00PM 30 November 2020 (NZDT).

IMPORTANT: Please read information below to assist you in completing your application online.

Applicants should carefully consider the criteria, which may be varied from time to time.

William Lomis Cox Memorial Fund

Public Trust (the Trustee) is the Trustee of the William Lomis Cox Memorial Fund. The Trust was established through the Estate of Norman James Cox who passed away on 13 May 1950. An Order approving a Scheme under Part II of the Charitable Trusts Act, 1957 was approved by the High Court on 25 February 1964. An Order Amending the Scheme was approved by the High Court on 8 March 1988.

Who is eligible: Scholarships are offered to students of High Schools in the wider Whakatane region to provide assistance for the undertaking of education in the fields of teacher training and social sciences.

How much funding is available: The value of each scholarship is up to $5,000 per annum for up to 3 years.

What can the Scholarship funds be used for: Scholarships can be applied towards your student loan, tertiary fees (including course fees and accommodation costs) or other expenses related to your study (including laptops, stationery and travel expenses etc). It is the preference of the Trustee to have payments made to a provider, rather than individuals.

The Scholarship cannot be used towards the purchase of a car or cell phone.

How to apply: Complete the application form via Public Trust online Granting System 'Smarty Grants'. A full application will require you to fill in the form and upload the required documents. This includes providing academic details, proposed course of study, financial information and supporting documents. You can save the form as you go and log back in at any time to complete and submit your application before 5pm on the 16th October.


  • Applicants must have attended one of the High Schools within the wider Whakatane region.
  • The programme of study must be in a recognised tertiary institution and the course must not be less than one year in duration.
  • The course of study must be in the field of teacher training and / or social sciences.

           Terms and Conditions

  • The Trustee will collate and summarise the applications and forward them to the Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee will consider the applications and award Scholarships.
  • The Selection Committee's decisions will be binding on all applicants and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Decisions regarding Scholarships are made on the basis of information provided in the application forms, supporting material and other enquiries.
  • All Scholarships are conditional on the applicant being enrolled at the education provider in a course of study as outlined in the application.
  • Scholarships may be approved subject to certain conditions. In such circumstances, the funds will normally be held by Public Trust until the conditions have been met.

Important dates

  • Applications open from the 11 November 2020 with a closing date of 30 November2020.
  • Applicants will be advised of the outcome by the 20 December 2020.

           Late applications will not be accepted.

The applicant acknowledges that the information supplied in their application may be made available to other parties in the course of enquiries regarding applicaitons or in publishing the result of the Scholarship. Personal information collected will be held by Public Trust for the purpose of assessing applications for the William Lomis Cox Memorial Fund. Individuals have the right of access to, and correction of, personal information held about them.

Any questions should be directed to

 IMPORTANT: Please read information below to assist you in completing your application online.

Step 1: Determine eligibility

  • If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply or of the suitability of your funding request contact us on

Step 2:  Register or login to apply online

  • First time users will need to register.

Hint: you will need an email address to register.  

Your login can be used for any Trust managed by Public Trust granting via SmartyGrants and can be used in future grant rounds.

Note:  Please store your login details in a safe place for future reference.

  • Once registered, you can login to the system and start your application.

Step 3: Complete your Application

  • The application is best viewed/completed on a non-mobile device.
  • Complete all of the required questions – mandatory questions are marked with an *
  • Attach all required supporting documents.

Note: Our preferred format for attachments is PDF, Excel, Word or JPG. Supporting materials cannot exceed 25MB in size, as files exceeding this will not upload.

Hint: Save your work regularly so it is not lost if you time out or lose your connection.

You can save your application at any stage and return to it later.

Make sure the spell checker is switched on in your browser to prevent spelling errors.

Step 4:  Review and submit your Application

  • When you are satisfied with your application press the review button to ensure that all required sections of the application have been completed (you must do this before the submit button is enabled).
  • Submit your application.

Note: Once you have submitted your application no further editing or uploading of supporting documents is possible.

Step 5: What happens next?

  • You will receive an automated email confirming your submission with a copy of your application attached and information about how/when your Application will be assessed. This will be sent to the email you used to register.

If you do not receive a confirmation email then your Application has not been successfully submitted (don’t forget to check your spam email folder when looking for the email).

  • We will contact you if we require any further information to consider your Application.

If you need more help using this form, download the Help Guide for Applicants or check out Applicant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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