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Frozen Funds 2022

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Frozen Funds Charitable Trust - 2022 Funding Eligibility Criteria

Your organisation, or the organisation you are applying through must be:

  • Registered with Charities Services.
  • Applications may be submitted by individuals or groups without charitable status. However, individual or groups without charitable status must apply through a registered charitable organisation that has agreed to administer the funds on their behalf.


  • Applications must be for people who use, or have used, mental health or intellectual disability services.
  • Projects need to be run by and for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health illness.
  • Applications must show evidence how service users are going to be involved in the project/programme.
  • Applications must be directly linked to and able to demonstrate how they address the theme (The priority this year is to focus on rural and isolated areas. The Board is looking to fund projects / programmes that clearly demonstrate support for the community (participation, career support, leadership development, self-advocacy and peer support).
  • The maximum to be applied for is $10,000.

Any applications with the following circumstances will not be considered.

  • Incomplete or late applications
  • Retrospective funding
  • Accountability requirements from 2021 - any applicant who received funding in 2021 that has not uploaded a receipt and an accountability report for the grant to the SmartyGrants database will not be considered. (Or who has not made alternate arrangements with the Trustee.)
  • Applications from individuals who do not apply through a registered charitable organisation, sports organisations and service clubs.
  • Applications requesting funding for overseas projects.
  • Applications submitted over $10,000.
  • Financial Statements that do not  comply with the Reporting Standards set by DIA - Charities Services. You must attach the same completed financial statements you used with you latest Charities Filing return.